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Calgel Solid Color Prices

New Set Hand Feet
Solid color $50 $60
French/Gradation (Clear Base) $70 $80
French/Gradation (Color Base) $80 $90
Gel Extensions (One Color Included) $100

Calgel solid color



Calgel as the name suggests is a new generation gel and not acrylic as normally found when dealing with nails. This is actually good for the nails as well and has become very popular across Europe and rest of the globe after it was initially developed in 1981 in South Africa. Calgel solid color has several benefits as described briefly:

  • Calgel will never damage the nail since it does not consist of acrylic or any such monomers. Besides which it does not possess any offensive smell either.
  • Calgel is not a pain to remove either and is removed in a flash with the appropriate solution.
  • Calgel will remain and look great on your nails for a long period of time. This is due to the very good adhesive qualities and the fact that it is gas permeable and hence moisture is never trapped between the gel.
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Calgel Removal Prices

Glue Fix


Glue and Powder Fix


Silk Wrap


Calgel Removal

The process of Calgel removal is not a very complicated one. In fact for us quick Internet savvy people it is a quick search away. There are several techniques listed on the internet, one of them being that you can make use aluminum foil, acetone nail polish remover, cotton pads and cuticle pushers to remove it. However at times these are not very effective or can even spoil the nails. The best thing to do is to leave it to the experts.

Many of the traditional gels on the market force you to dip your entire fingers in harsh chemicals to perform removal of your gel nails. With Calgel, we use Calaway and Calguard. We gently apply a small amount on a piece of cotton and wrap your nails with foil. This significantly reduced the amount of exposure to smelly chemicals and prevents any type of sensitivity and dryness. After about 10 to 15 minutes, we peel (not scrape!!) your old Calgel where you are able to see a significant difference on your nail.

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Calgel Nail Art Polish Salons NYC | Crystal Nail Art Designs

Glitter on entire nail


Holograms on entire nail


Crystal on entire nail


One Sticker


Sticker (unlimited)


Hand Painting


Nail Art

Crystal Nail Art can be applied to Calgel Nails to create a unique and special design for your very own finger nails. The Calgel Nail Polish doesn’t wear away very fast either and hence the Calgel Nail Art Design once applied will remain for quite a while. In fact unique Cal Gel nail art design is now trending internationally across not only United States, but also Asia.

From studs, to diamonds, from glitter, to stickers and the extreme of hand drawn paintings, the possibilities and combinations are endless. There’s a reason why we’re considered one of the best nail art salon’s in New York. A Gel Manicure with Nail Art can make all the difference when image is everything. Calgel Nail Art designs are personalized to your liking and it is often recommended you bring some ideas with you. If you need some inspiration, we have a collection of the latest magazines to give feed your ideas!

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Calgel Glue & Powder Fix | Silk Wrap

Glue Fix


Glue and Powder Fix


Silk Wrap



Calgel is a gel nail system that is known for its thin and gentle application on the nail as well as its elegant, natural look.

Calgel does not damage the nail

Calgel does not contain acrylic or other monomers, and has no offensive smell that is characteristic of conventional nail products.

Calgel is long-lasting

Calgel can last as long as 2 weeks to 5 weeks, although this varies by the lifestyle and nail condition.

Calgel is easy to remove

Calgel can be removed safely and easily with a solution called “Calaway

A wide range of colors to choose from

In addition to the clear gel, Calgel offers a wide range of colors (Color Calgel) to choose from. There is no need to wait for French nails and nails colored with polishes to dry, and no worries about making a mess either.

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