Calgel Solid Color Prices

New Set Hand Feet
Solid color $50 $60
French/Gradation (Clear Base) $70 $80
French/Gradation (Color Base) $80 $90
Gel Extensions (One Color Included) $100

Calgel solid color



Calgel as the name suggests is a new generation gel and not acrylic as normally found when dealing with nails. This is actually good for the nails as well and has become very popular across Europe and rest of the globe after it was initially developed in 1981 in South Africa. Calgel solid color has several benefits as described briefly:

  • Calgel will never damage the nail since it does not consist of acrylic or any such monomers. Besides which it does not possess any offensive smell either.
  • Calgel is not a pain to remove either and is removed in a flash with the appropriate solution.
  • Calgel will remain and look great on your nails for a long period of time. This is due to the very good adhesive qualities and the fact that it is gas permeable and hence moisture is never trapped between the gel.

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