Nail Art Spotlight - Oh, My Nails!

It’s pretty obvious that I am obsessed with all things beauty. Whether its products or services; I’m constantly chasing down the latest and greatest and always eager to try the new trends. About two years ago I was introduced to the world of gel manicures and nail art. Since then the products and techniques have evolved, driving the craze that nail art is today. Not to mention the impact that social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have had by enabling user generated image sharing, which allows consumers to trade beauty secrets and become inspired by each others looks.

I wouldn’t dare to call myself an artist but I love drawing inspiration from those around me, sketching out ideas, and then heading to my go-to nail spa to bring my vision to life. When it comes to nail art in NYC there is no one better than MoMo, the entrepreneur behind Oh, My Nails!, the hottest up and coming nail spa in NYC.

A former employee of Sakura Nail+Spa, MoMo recently started her own venture, which is sure to be a success driven by her flawless technique, creativity and infectious personality. She is the secret behind my nail looks and most of my friends (I send everyone I can her way). Also, I can’t name any names but she has an impressive celeb following and its accurate to say that she manicures the nails of A-list and world-renowned pop stars. I recently sat down with MoMo to chat about how she got her start in the industry, her favorite nail trends, and her tips for maintaining healthy nails.

Congratulations on the grand opening of Oh, My Nails! How long have you been doing nails and what inspired you to open up your own nail spa?

I have been doing nails since early 2006. I’ve always wanted to work in the beauty industry and I took an interest in nails. I decided to open my own nail spa because it allowed me the creative freedom to do what I want while making people’s nails look beautiful.

What’s the vibe that you want to have at Oh, My Nails! ?

Relaxing, peaceful, happy, and most importantly fun!

What is your favorite nail design of the moment?

I love designs that incorporate colorful glitter and Swarovski rhinestones. I just enjoy working with my clients on creating looks that are sparkly and eye catching.

What is the best part about your job?

There are so many things! I love being able to use my creativity to help people achieve a set goal, even if it is just nail art. I also love the chance to talk and get to know my customers on a personal level. I love knowing that people don’t just come to Oh, My Nails! to get their nails done but to also hang out and relax.

What are your tips for maintaining healthy nails?

Try to use products that are free of toxic chemicals. Look for organic or natural products and most importantly, regardless of what product you use make sure that it allows for your natural nails to breath. At Oh, My Nails! whether you decide on a regular or gel polish service, we make sure that we have healthy products for you to choose from. We use an organic and natural line for standard polish services and Calgel products that are non-toxic for our gel services.

Most of your nail art designs are done with Calgel products. Can you explain what it is and the benefits of using it versus other gel nail polishes?

Calgel is a revolutionary UV gel nail system that is gentle on your natural nails. It is one of the most advanced gel products available. The benefits are that it’s non- toxic and unlike other systems, it actually promotes nail health. Calgel is flexible, durable, and allows natural nails to breath as well as assists in strengthening weak nails. It is also not tested on animals, easy to remove and does not damage your nail. Another benefit is that a calgel manicure typically lasts 3 weeks!

I highly recommend that you check out more designs on the Oh, My Nails! Facebook and Instagram pages. Terms like calgel, gradation, reverse French, and ombre may sound foreign to you now but once you try it you will become addicted! Also, the spa info is below to make an appointment with MoMo and her team.

Oh, My Nails!

117 East 7th Street

New York, NY 10009



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