Upper Full leg & Lower leg waxing | Back Waxing
Brow $12
Lip $15
Chin $20
Facial $50
Upper Leg $40
Lower Leg $30
Full Leg $60
Underarm $20
Forearm $25
Full Arm $40
Back $60
Brazilian Bikini Waxing NYC | Canadian Waxing NYC
Brazilian Wax $70
Hawaiian Wax $60
Canadian Wax $35
Alaskan Wax $25


We are all familiar with the waxing technique and also know how important it is. After all none of us like any hair growing in the wrong places. Waxing solves all our major issues. Bikini waxing is what most us are very familiar with since it will remove the hair around the bikini line. But there are times when you need more, for which you do have another options. Brazilian Wax is a popular technique that is used when you need to remove hair from all places like the lady area. A Brazilian takes of everything at the beach and hence the name Brazilian Bikini waxing is quite popular. Oh my nails offer the best Brazilian bikini waxing in NYC. But that is not all they also offer several other waxing services like leg waxing, back waxing, facial waxing, brow waxing, upper full leg waxing and lower leg waxing.

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